Some Reviews from our Clients

René Bruijne

CEO, TransFollow

Nineva Studios provides development services, working on backend API development, an Android application, and several of its codes. The resources provided by Nineva Studios integrate well into the in-house team and collaborate effectively. They respond quickly to all requests, communicate well, and come up with excellent solutions to all the requirements.

Dmytro Lisenbart

CEO, SmartBabies

Nineva Studios developed an iOS app with 130 animated characters. The app worked well and launched on time. Nineva Studios followed an effective workflow. Their proactive attitude, fresh ideas, and creative designs made them a great partner.

Patrick Kopitz


Nineva Studios implemented a Google Cast function for a Unity-based streaming service. They created this feature for both Android and iOS devices and helped test and submit them to both app stores. The final project added substantial value to the end customers as well as the streaming company's business partners. Despite working remotely, Nineva Studios integrated seamlessly, which made for a truly global team. They boasted thorough documentation and efficient troubleshooting skills.

Lauren Winfield

CEO, Signum City

Nineva Studios developed an MVP of a financial literacy app to gamify the stock market for a startup. Using Unity and Sigma, they enhanced the frontend and functions to improve the UX and built new features. Nineva Studios produced deliverables on time that improved the platform, increasing stickiness and user engagement. The team was proactive and straightforward to support effective collaboration. Committed to the app’s success, they focus on solutions to ensure a successful engagement.

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