Porting Frever app from iOS to Android

Frever is a mobile app that lets you create a vibrant 3D animated universe using a mobile phone. The application allows creating personalized avatars and expressing yourself through music, videos, stories and vlogs. It’s a great addition for TikTok and Instagram videos and is anticipated to be quite popular among social media bloggers and vloggers.

Following the company's desire to cover the widest possible audience among mobile users, we have ported and optimized the existing iOS app, made in Unity, to work on Android devices.

Gameplay demo


Unity, C#, Android, iOS, ARKit, ARCore, Apple Face Tracking API


Android, iOS

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Frever is an ultimate mobile video creation app. We have worked on porting the iOS app made in Unity to work on Android devices.

Indie Wrestler

A game about wrestling. We helped to maintain the game and add new features to it.


An educational game for toddlers to learn English with over 100 animated animal characters.

Unity SDK fro InBrain.ai

We have built a Unity Mobile SDK for creating surveys for InBrain.ai.

Unreal Engine SDK for HelpShift

We have built an Unreal Engine SDK for HelpShift from scratch for Android and iOS.

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